January 2020
Welcome to Gabriel Belem deandrade (MCGD track) who is rotating in the lab this semester.
December 2019
Congratulations Lauren Delgado for the Science, Technology, and Research Scholars II (STARS II) fellowship!
Nikhil presented at American Geophysical Union’s  Centennial session. Thank you Estella Atekwana for the invitation and Tamas Varga for the picture
August 2019
OmcS nanowire structures was named as one of the highest impact structures in the century! Thanks Proteopedia for selecting our work!
Andy Rodriguez received Outstanding Oral Presentation and Outstanding Poster Award at REU meeting. Congratulations!
July 2019
Welcome Dr. Fadel Samatey who is joining the lab as a research Scientist.
Welcome Dr. Matthew.guberman-pfeffer who is joining the lab as a postdoc jointly with Prof. Victor Batista group.

June 2019- Welcome to summer students Guna Mandava, Ronald Hood, Michelle Lee, Andy Rodriguez and Titie De who are joining the lab.

April 2019- OmcS nanowire structure paper published in Cell. Congratulations Yangqi on his first, first-author paper!

Yale press release. Eureka Alert;  Highlights: New York Times,  Nature Chemical Biology and Proteopedia

April 2019- Catharine received NDSEG fellowship. Congratulations!! Yale Press release; 
April 2019- Welcome Aldo Salazar Morales who is starting his PhD work in our lab.
January  2019- Welcome Dr. Xinlong Ren who is joining the lab as a postdoc.
September 2018 - Welcome to Dr. Ruchi Jain who will be joining the lab as Associate Research Scientist!
September 2018 - Welcome to Micro track graduate students Andrew Verdegaalb and Lizzy Nand  who are rotating in lab this semester!
April 2018 - Nikhil receives NSF CAREER Award.  Press release by Yale.
April 2018 - Nikhil is giving a talk at TIFR, Mumbai, India . Thank you Dr. Jyotishman Dasgupta for this kind invitation and honor!
March 2018 - Welcome to Peter Dahl, Vishok Srikanth and Catharine Shipps who have joined the lab!
February 2018 -  Nikhil presented a talk at Rice University’s Center for Theoretical Biological Physics. Thank you Professor Herbert Levine for the invitation!
January 2018 - Welcome to BBSB graduate student Sachita Ganesa who is rotating in lab this semester.
January 2018 - Nikhil is an invited speaker for the focus session on Coherence and Quantum Aspects of Living Systems at American Physical Society’s annual meeting. Nikhil’s abstract. Sibel and Peter are also presenting in the same session!
December 2017 -  Winston will be an intern at Yale Investments Office. Congratulations!
November 2017 - Congratulations Yangqi for passing the qualifying exam!
September 2017 - Welcome to BBSB graduate student Vishok Srikanth who is rotating in lab this semester.
October 2017 - Congratulations Winston for selection in Tau Beta Pi, the prestigious engineering honor society restricted to 12.5% Yale juniors!
October 2017- Nikhil receives NIH Director’s New Innovator Award Press release by Yale News.
October 2017- Nikhil presents a talk at Departments of Molecular Genetics & Microbiology, & Medicine, Duke University hosted by Professor Raphael Valdivia, Vice Dean, Duke University.
October 2017 - Nikhil is an invited speaker for Hartwell Foundation Annual Research Meeting.
October 2017- Welcome to Sibel Ebru Yalcin! She joins us as associate research scientist from Pacific Northwest National Lab.
September 2017 -Congratulations to Sophia for winning the best poster award at the MB&B retreat! Congratulations also to Dennis for winning the MB&B art competition for the following image!

Inline image 1

September 2017 - Welcome to BBSB graduate students Peter Dahl and Catharine Shipps who are rotating in lab this semester.

September 2017 - Welcome to Nuzzrath Mohamed Jabarullad (Hazeena) who is visiting student from National Institute of Singapore.

September 2017 - Welcome to Physics Senior Daniel Shapiro who will be working jointly with Farren Issaacs Lab.

July 2017- Nikhil was a keynote speaker for Gordon Research Seminar - Microbial Adhesion and Signal Transduction

May 2017 - Nikhil receives Hartwell Foundation Research Award.

May 2017 - Welcome to Cong ! He joins us from the Microbiology program.

Winston is selected for Stanford’s Future Leaders Program !

Congratulations Yangqi for prize in 3 minute thesis competition!

Congratulations Patrick for receiving NSF Graduate Research Fellowship in Biophysics! MB&B news release

January 2017- Nikhil receives Hood Foundation Child Health Research Award. Yale Press Release

Department of Energy selected our pili structure paper as Highlight of the Year

Yale News articles about our lab

Yale School of Medicine

West Campus

Press release on our paper “Structural basis for metallic-like conductivity” Eureka Alert

Press release on our paper on Imaging electric charge propagating along bacterial proteins Eureka Alert

 Career Award at the Scientific Interface by Burroughs Wellcome Fund

 Metallic-like conductivity in microbial protein nanofilaments

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10)   Microbe World (American Society of Microbiology) MP3 Podcast
11)   University of Massachusetts, Amherst Physics department newsletter 2013
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 Aromatic amino acids confer conductivity to microbial nanowires

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Electron exchanging bacteria

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Entrepreneur activities

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5)     Waste-powered portable toilet Prototype Video
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