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We in the Malvankar Lab consider collaboration to be a core value of our lab and emphasize that great science comes from the collective thinking of people from diverse backgrounds. This includes not only diverse educational training, but includes all gender, sexual, racial, and cultural identities as well as people of any age or with disabilities. 

Lab’s policy on career development: Among lab’s foremost goals is the development of the next generation of interdisciplinary scientists who will play vital roles in advancing biological sciences. Our My philosophy is to train students  to be self-directed learners by building a core set of discipline-specific expertise first, and then encourage them to expand beyond their core discipline to appreciate and incorporate other disciplines. We encourage all careers, especially industry and teaching (see here). E.g. we have received patents and Blavatnik Innovation Award to commercialize various nanowire-based technologies.



We believe that creativity is the only way to achieve groundbreaking research. Thinking outside of the box is a requirement to push the bounds of what is known or possible to new areas, to discover what had not been known previously.


We know that everyone in our lab is a colleague with equal standing that has much to contribute. We treat everyone with the same level of respect and professionalism.


We understand that great research takes time and is prone to many pitfalls. We are not disheartened by these, but look at them as opportunities to learn.


 We strive for an environment that builds scientists who confidently collect, analyze, and present their work. Confidence also reflects the ability to accept critical feedback and reevaluate data under new perspectives. 


We have researchers from multiple fields with an enormous body of experience. This interdisciplinary research requires that everyone share their ideas so that we can learn from one another.